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 Female Rapper Angelina Bio
                                             Angelina - Inspired as a child by Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, wrote her first song at the age of 12. Angelina began entering talent shows in Jr. high school and then went on to become the only girl in her high school band drum line. With a mother that sings and her dad a drummer and guitarist in a band, it was inevitable that Angelina's talents was passed down to her. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Angelina decided to move down south to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her career in music. Angelina was faced with a few heavy challenges, but it did not stop her from keeping her eyes on the prize. It was clear that Angelina was destined to become a Superstar. Connecting with her team Trackwriterz, Angelina became an official songwriter and officially became a solo artist in 2007. What else can we say about Female Rapper Angelina? She is a Lyricist, and though her talking voice is soft she is not prissy on the tracks. It is safe to say that she goes "HARD" and as they would say on twitter (Pound Hard) #Hard! Her delivery is incredible with her own swag that certainly gives her the title of "One Of The Greatest That Ever Done It." Her powerhouse performance on the tracks as a emcee as well as a singer has opened many eyes and lifts many eyebrows.

After hearing her rap on a track and sing her own hooks, there is no doubt that Angelina is a heavy hitter and is giving all the big boys a run for their money. "This girl is the TRUTH!" She just simply has that wow factor, "Beautiful & Talented." Angelina has a new Mixtape scheduled to release in December of 2011 Titled "From The Underground To The Grammys" recorded at Trackwriterz Studio in Atlanta, Georgia along side CEO Partners KP and Dior. Angelina is clearly a triple threat as an artist while also running things as Co-CEO of the whole Trackwriterz Empire! We cant deny Angelina's sincere passion for hip hop and Trackwriterz heavy grind on the promotions. Her twitter following and social networks are growing everyday with more and more fans. Everyone is delighted to have discovered Female Rapper/Singer Angelina. Her music is certainly reaching a worldwide audience. We asked Angelina who are the artist that inspire her and she tells us Lauren Hill, Queen Latifah, Solange Knowles, 50 Cent & Brandy. She loves them all and each one of them inspired her in different ways, Angelina has found her own pathway and the direction she would like to go in as an artist.

With a constant flow of positive tweets and promoting her music, Angelina reaches out to everyone who compliments her and love her music. Twitters time lines are always full of people chattering about Angelina (@angelinaonline) this girl is a Super Star. Trackwriterz Team leaked a song so everyone can get a sneak peak of what one of the songs on Angelina's original mixtape will sound like, the Title of the song is "Born To Be A Superstar." This song showcases strength, triumph, passion and how she overcame all odds that were against her. Angelina's delivery was simply outstanding on the rap verses and she sang beautifully on the hook/chorus. Angelina's mixtape Titled "From The Underground To The Grammys," is a perfect name for what is to come, Hosted by DJ Curt. There was no better person to get to host Angelina's mixtape other than DJ Curt. Angelina tells us in her own words, as she quotes, "He was the first DJ to spin my music and put it in rotation on the radio, I adore him as a person, He is my official DJ," "softly spoken as she smiled." The slogan for Trackwriterz "Where Hits Are Made" fits them well. With all the heavy promo for her rap mixtape and her heavy buzz as a female rapper, many people are just finding out that she is also "Singer Angelina" & "Songwriter Angelina" she sings Alternative, Pop and R&B songs that you would not believe. Angelina sang so beautifully with her angelic alto vocals which will be showcased on her Mixtape Available Now at http://theofficialangelina.com. She is a triple threat and this title "From The Underground To The Grammys" is well deserved with songs like "Do What you Love" "Born To be A Superstar" "48 Bars" "We Ready" "Super Earth" to name a few, Trackwriterz Team and Angelina are on their way to becoming a global success! Follow Angelina http://twitter.com/angelinaonline and join this massive movement!
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